A legacy building upon some of Naperville’s storied athletic programs since 2002.


Training That Transfers

A training system that amplifies and evolves the skill sets of athletes in multiple sports.


Skillsets for Life

Instilling the process within the system for optimum performances in and out of the athletic arena.


Legacy Strength Systems is the choice for the Dryland Training for Naperville North High School, Naperville Central high school, and N.A.S.T. Swim Club. Legacy athletes have consistently climbed the ranks of high school athletics in swimming, water polo, football, wrestling, baseball, and strength sports. Earning their place on inter-collegiate teams across the country.

My name is Pete Arroyo and the last fifteen years as a private strength coach has afforded me the opportunity to aid the development of young, aspiring athletes. Time and time again my athletes (and their families) have returned with gratitude in regards to the physical and mental skill sets their athlete attained while in their formative high school years with Legacy Strength Systems. It is my sincere intention to continue to pass on the skill sets necessary for continued progress on and off the athletic arena.

Even though one’s competitive endeavors in athletics may be over or fewer and further between; the competition with ourselves should never end. Our lives, our work, our children will be better off with a better version of ourselves. LSS employs the same mindset that is instilled in our athletes to provide stronger, healthier, and better versions of our goal driven, adult clientele.

So what do you say, are you ready to build your legacy? Let’s get started.


I was tiny as a freshman and needed to put on some weight. My brother was already training with Pete so I started to as well. We became fast friends and I just can’t stop coming in.

Pete has become like another Dad to me and he’ll always push me to where I need to go.

Mark Nowak

Student, Legacy Trainee


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