“I’m pretty healthy, plus, It’s just one hot dog at the Saturday barbecue…. Oh, and a handful of chips on the side. Can’t forget my soda or I’ll be parched from the salty chips! And gosh it’s hot out, maybe I’ll sit inside for the rest of the day and just play some video games.”

We’ve all been victims of the summertime slump. There’s a lot of tasty treats at all the block parties and beating the heat sometimes means staying indoors. How backward! Don’t you remember the winter in Chicagoland?!

Here’s 6 ways you can beat the summer slump and stick to a healthy lifestyle this summer:

Don’t Drive

There are so many ways to get around that don’t involve spending money on gas and are better for your health. Walk, run, bike or skate to wherever you need to go.

Water for the win

No matter where you are, make sure you’re drinking water all day. With temperatures climbing and junk food abounding, water will keep you hydrated and full for a healthy day to day habit. Water for the win! Hella hydration!

Full on fruit

It’s the best time of the year for many of your favorite fruits so why not indulge when they’re in season?!  Fruits are more affordable when they are abundant and the natural sugars are a great way to start your day.

Swimming gets you swole

A healthy and refreshing way to get in some cardiovascular endurance training is to go for a swim! Already lifted today? Just treading water and talking to friends is a great way to burn off those backyard burgers and beers!

Sun kissed bliss

Spending time working out outdoors under the sun has its benefits. While you need to adequately protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays (SLATHER ON THAT SUNBLOCK GUYS AND GALS), a nice toasty tan also makes your muscles more defined to the eye!

Scream for Ice Cream

A healthy way to create ice cream at home is to blend up frozen bananas with milk and fruit of your choice! You’ll be surprised at the soft serve texture of this super healthy summer snack.


For more tips on creating a healthy lifestyle, read more here on The Legacy Blog! Have a great summer everyone and make sure you make it in for your training days 🙂

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