Lady Legacies Vol II: Michelle Salutric

What does it mean to be a legacy…does it mean being remembered for what you’ve done in the past? Or does it mean bigger and better success for everything you are currently doing and beyond?  I want to tell the story of a young lady I worked with from 2011-2013 who in two short years went from uncertainty in her professional direction to cementing her legacy in the spa and massage service industry.  All this while undergoing a body transformation journey that she credits with laying the groundwork for her professional success.

Here is the Michelle Salutric Story

LSS:  Can you give me some background info current work, schooling, etc?
MS: Naperville North Grad in ’09. Massage therapy school (Cortiva-Valedictorian), now managing 3 locations including Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa in Wheaton, Illinois for the last 3 years.

LSS:  How did we begin training together and why?
MS:  You trained my brother, Dave (NNHS ’07 Grad) for football throughout his high school and collegiate career.  I really wanted to get into shape and lose weight so I began weight training with you.
LSS:  Where did you find the most value in our time together?
MS: I more than accomplished my goal of losing weight, gained muscle and confidence and reached some strength goals I didn’t think possible. I always enjoyed and looked forward coming to the gym to de-stress and recharge


Michelle after several months I believe it was a 35 pound drop at this point.
LSS: What would you say were you’re biggest and best accomplishments, can be athletically, physically, and professionally?
MS: My biggest accomplishment was reaching my simple goal of optimal weight loss, but gaining so much more out of it in terms of discipline and long term outlook. I did not think I would fall in love with being in the gym and weight training.
LSS: If at all, how did our time together prepare you for your professional life?
MS:  Our training together helped me professionally with being determined, organized, and confidence with people. Client interaction and engagement is imperative in my line of work, I definitely learned how to work among all types during our training sessions.  There were kids, high school ball players, moms, and powerlifters going through those doors daily. It was a mixed bunch but fun to talk to.  You always pushed me to reach my goals and I find myself just as motivated because of that in my business goals. 
LSS: Funniest or craziest story/ memory?
MS: Ah man that’s hard, we always ended up laughing. Probably just you always being involved in the boy drama and always trying to hook me/anyone up in the gym. 
LSS: And it worked every time…
LSS:  Best take away from our time together?
MS:  You were one of the people that motivated me and backed me up the most for when I applied to massage school. To say that was not a popular decision or that I didn’t have much support is an understatement.  What you got across to me was the fact that I should approach this as a passion and drive myself to be the best I could be at it.  The great thing was I knew I could use you as a guinea pig for my clinical hours, and you were a willing participant.I couldn’t be happier with where I am professionally now, and I owe a lot of that to you!

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