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This edition of The Living Legacies Blog features a young man of whom I was able to grow extremely close to, as well as his family.  The love and loyalty for each other extended far beyond the many evolution’s of the gym this crazy business has taken me.  Through thick and thin Dave and the Salutric family stood by me through Dave’s formative years in High School, his four years at Harvard, and the initiation of his life as a working man in the financial world.   The Salutric house was one that I spent a couple of thanksgivings at, was allowed to live their for a stretch, and many UFC nights.  Later, his sister Michelle undertook a fitness journey of her own. Citing her confidence in the results that Dave attained as well as the comfort she felt in the gym, it was like home!  Here is

The Dave Salutric Legacy

LSS: Can you give me some background info current work, schooling, etc?

 Dave:  I am currently employed at Performance Trust as and Associates, working out of our Greenwich, CT office. I’ve been working with them for nearly 5 years, beginning in the Chicago offices and moved out here a little over a year ago. I graduated from Naperville North in 2008  then from Harvard in 2012 with a degree in Economics. I Played Football at both. 


LSS: How did we begin training together and why?

Dave:  I was looking to get bigger, stronger, and faster so I could become a starter on the high school football team and hopefully parlay that into getting some sort of scholarship/financial aid to help pay for college. I Had tried a number of places prior to meeting you but nobody helped me achieve better results and gave me the personal attention that you did.

Dave Running through the tunnel at Naperville North.

LSS: From what I remember in our first meeting, I had asked about what sport you were preparing for and I had to do a double take…I recall asking you if you were sure you weren’t a basketball player.  At 6’2″ 190 I had a hard time seeing that you were a middle linebacker.   

Dave was a captain and 2 year starter at mike backer for the last state championship team in Huskie History.  He stood at 6’2″ and a generous 190.

Dave: HA! Yes I remember that.  I honestly didn’t think you were taking me seriously.  

LSS: Honestly, I thought you were insane when you told me you wanted to play college football.  The thing is you kept a straight face through the conversation and that’s when I knew how serious you were.  You certainly followed through with every commitment you ever made to yourself.  This couldn’t be more evident as when your body grew college you faced a position change cultivating in your last two seasons at defensive tackle.  Most kids would not have handled it like you did and you picked up without a hitch.



***Bottom Pic is Dave wearing a 90 number as his strength and explosiveness laid the foundation as his body grew and position changed to defensive line.  He played for back to back ivy league championship teams for the Crimson.

Dave looking as only he can look in Crimson. As you can see he grew quite a bit his final measures were 6’6″ 290.

LSS: What did you value most during our run? 

Dave:  I really enjoyed the experimental aspects of our workouts. Nothing ever got stale; because you came up with innovative ways to push my results.  You often didn’t have the most fancy equipment at your disposal which drove your creativity to continually move my progress forward.  It was hard to mentally prepare for a workout when you didn’t know what was coming. I loved this because it helps out in day to day life and helped while playing football as well. Games, practice, and life became easy knowing I could take on anything.  No matter how much you prepare, you will always encounter the unexpected and you have to be able to overcome them. Not knowing day in and day out what kind of workout you had in store for me kept me on my toes and always ready to adapt to whatever you had to throw at me. 

Dave was always great at beating guys to the punch and overcoming larger guys. Must have been the ‘fight’ in him.

LSS: Wow! Talk about a fringe benefit!  That’s pretty deep and I never really thought of training in that way.  Intangible gains are impossible to measure and their significance should not be ignored. 

LSS: What would you say were you’re biggest and best athletic, physical, and professional accomplishments?

  Dave:  This is a tough one and kind of changes as I get older. In life, finding the love of my life in college and marrying her a little over a year ago now is definitely at the top of my list. Getting the opportunity to play college football and go to school for free are also up there. Back in high school, working my way into the rotation and starting line-up during my Junior Year was a huge accomplishment for me.

Mrs. Elena Salutric and Mr. Dave Salutric.

LSS: If at all, how did our time together prepare you for your professional life?

  Dave:  It taught me to keep moving forward and not dwell on the failures. In the gym, just because you missed a PR or miss a rep, doesn’t mean you can’t do it. You regroup and try again, and you might surprise yourself with the results. Beyond that, I was with you during some tough times where we were hopping from one gym to another and you were starting your own business. You exhibited the same mantra that you do in the gym, in your professional life. You just kept moving forward, despite the hurdles you had to jump over and I don’t remember you ever complaining about them. You always expected success, and despite some failures, in the end, you would find it – whether a PR or in your professional life. That mentality has stuck with me thanks to my time spent with you.  

Dave moves forward with tenacity.

LSS: ***Side Note: I can’t help to be humbled and in awe after reading that last answer.  I typically get caught up into the technical part of coaching and the hustle everyday brings.  I had no idea Dave or possibly anyone I worked with took notice of all the behind the scenes happenings. I feel very lucky and extremely fortunate to have had the chance to work with Dave and the entire Salutric family. And to know he took all the trials and tribulations of my career and saw them as a positive example is beyond anything I can ever accomplish.  You never know what your really doing on a daily basis until you get to read something like that

LSS: Funniest or craziest story/ memory?

·Dave: Oh man, it all seems like such a blur now – it’s hard to remember specific stories. I just remember a lot of fun times together, lots of laughs. You really helped get me out my shy shell, that’s for sure!

LSS: I specifically remember one particular gal who couldn’t keep her eyes off you and next thing you know…she invited you to her place and made you chicken parm!!!

Dave:  HAHA! Yes, during one of my summer off seasons back home. I totally didn’t believe you but you were spot on!

LSS:  Best take away from our time together?

 Dave: That you are a true friend and genuinely care about me outside of being someone you trained. It’s easy to get caught up in the athletic successes (and failures) but beyond that, you cared about my successes (and failures) in life and were always willing to help any way you could. You are always there when I or my family needs a helping hand. You are proof that hard work pays off not just in the gym, but in life. Extremely happy to call you a friend.

***For those of you that know me…I told you it was a tear jerker.  Looking back at all of Dave’s answers bring back many great memories of him and the many forms of the gym we trained in.  It also reminds me of many tough times that somehow we all persevered.  The private sector of training and athletic development is a volatile place where you have many pretenders with a fly by night and get rich quick mindset.  I’ve prided myself and what I do on the genuine pursuit of helping others realize their potential.  It is my belief that this approach pays dividends beyond the pocket book.  In Dave’s reflection of our time I can say I’ve accomplished that.  The greatest gift I’ll ever get from Dave is knowing he will live the legacy and pay it forward.

Just can’t keep football out of him. Here is Dave coaching grade schoolers for the Wheaton Rams Football Club.

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