Why we Breath…

This past monday I was asked a great question by one of my swimmers, Lindsey Broderick.  She asked, “why do we nasal/ belly breathe?”
Without giving my whole spiel on how it drives parasympathetic dominance (rest and digest) of the nervous system and literally puts us in a mode of recovery and regeneration.  I’ll refer to two sources here.  “the O2 Advantage by Patrick McKeown  here are a couple interesting passages
“From the perspective of breathing physiology, mouth breathing activates use of the upper chest, while nasal breathing results in abdominal breathing.”(chapter 1) 
This tells us there is a technical aspect to proper breathing in which it is as vital a skill as our swim strokes or lift techniques.
Here is another that points out the importance of reducing acidity in our body.
“On the other hand alkaline forming foods such as fruits and vegetables along with plain water are easy to process: they are “breathing friendly foods” …”The most important change is to get rid of processed foods in our diet.”  (chapter 3)
Even though I’m AGAIN speaking about food, I think it’s rather interesting that our food choices can effect our breathing which effects our sleep quality, which effects our recovery, which effects our performance.  Get the picture? It all contributes
Also, this podcast explains practice elements we can all add into our routines

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