Eric on the blocks patiently waiting to race!


Pete: I remember that the only time I got to work with Eric at school was during his freshman year; but you continued to send Eric to me privately…Can you go into detail on why you kept Eric with me?  

Kim: Eric really appreciated the style of training with Pete that he got as a freshman on dryland days as a Huskie Varsity swimmer.  The visible results as well as the intangibles developed his confidence and moxie to know he could swim at the varsity level.

Pete: Piggy backing off of that question, I appreciate all the “politicking” you did to get me back into north in anticipation for Eric’s final season, If you could explain why and how that process went.
Kim: I had worked out with personal trainers myself at gyms like LifeTime Fitness, etc. and felt like you brought a far better value.  I was disappointed when NNHS decided to use a different training program in subsequent years for their dryland.  So when Eric wasn’t training with the school program from his sophomore to senior season, he headed right to the gym wherever you were! (Insert laugh here !)  At first the commute wasn’t bad until a couple of location changes made it a bit of a trek.  Fortunately it wasn’t long before Eric got his drivers’ license and everything worked out perfectly to squeeze in training into his very busy school and sports schedule.  Eric’s commitment to his development reached far beyond his off-season .  Even on small breaks from school or the in-season, he would ramp up his training or stop by for a restoration session.  His commitment was matched by your commitment and mission to keeping him as strong and healthy.  You kept your prices consistent and went out of your way, at times, to get Eric in, which is probably why you forged such a strong bond with him.
By Eric’s senior year of swimming at NNHS, he and another team captain, Sam Hiller, went to the new athletic director and head coach to see what could be done to bring Pete back to the NNHS swimming program.  After a few more meetings, and some visits from some interested parents, the “powers that be” decided to bring back Legacy to the Huskie program, albeit the following season when the boy’s graduated.

Even when the other guys are tired gasping for air, EC shows no such weakness! Leading by example is what helped him with success at Air Force.

Pete: Maybe a couple of crazy or funny stories…I’m thinking about the shake recipes or anything Eric said about our training.
Kim: Even though we moved away from Naperville, Pete stayed connected to our family even after Eric graduated and went off to the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Eric’s first Christmas back from college, I had contacted you to get some weight-gain shake recipes that I could make for Eric during his few weeks home for winter break.  Eric has only made a couple of trips back to Naperville since he graduated from high school in 2013, but on each one of those trips, he makes it a point to go visit You wherever you are!
Pete: HAHA! I remember some of those recipes I think the “dreamsicle surprise” never went over well with anyone.  The idea of a can of tuna in shaved ice and orange juice maybe had something to do wit it.
Thank You Kim!
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