I was tiny as a freshman and needed to put on some weight. My brother was already training with Pete so I started to as well. We became fast friends and I just can’t stop coming in.
Pete has become like another Dad to me and he’ll always push me to where I need to go.

Mark Nowak

Student, Legacy Trainee

I never really enjoyed lifting before training with Pete, but have really started to enjoy the workouts and have been pretty dedicated to lifting at least twice a week. I would recommend both kids and adults. Pete makes every workout individualized based on your current level of fitness and adjusts and challenges you as you become more fit.


Adult Strength & Conditioning Trainee

You were the topic of many conversations this weekend!

Many thx for all you’ve done with Alexa these past 6 months. She has more strength, endurance and confidence in the pool and working with you has been part of the reason why. She killed it this weekend, making ginals in all 7 of her events, top 12 in almost everything. She’s looking forward to getting back in the gym with you!

Michelle Puccini

Parent of LSS Student, Alexa

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