It’s no lie that almost everyone gives up their New Year’s resolution by February. By the fourth week of the year, the gym starts to thin out after the New Year hype.

But what if instead of waiting for the new year to come around, we set our goals and work towards them on our own schedule?

Legacy Strength Systems allows you to do just that. At LSS, you run your own fitness routine, and you can leave the gym behind. You take control of your strength, and it pays off. Here’s how:

1. LSS works with you, not against you

Say goodbye to hesitant feelings of making a trip to the gym. As soon as you start at LSS, you’ll feel nothing but excitement at the thought of working with an actual person who understands your workout needs.

2. Progressive workouts for optimal strength

LSS specializes in exercises that reinforce the qualities that make you a great athlete. Agility, specialized strength, speed, and endurance are just some of the focus areas that will gradually improve.

3. A challenge worth accepting

Whether you are male or female, 100 lbs or 300 lbs, a swimmer, football player, or wrestler, LSS will lead you on your journey, from amateur to pro. The thrill of challenging your body with countless strength building exercises, and the pride in accomplishing the most difficult feats, is ultimately what drives you towards greatness.

4. You’re not just building muscle, you’re building your legacy

This is the strength that will last when you’re on the playing field. Sure, you’ll have the new skills of explosiveness, agility, and speed, but you’ll take away feelings of confidence, pride, and greatness as well. And that’s something your local gym can never give you.

5. Eat what you want without the guilt

Healthy eating is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. But if you’re building your legacy at LSS, you’re already halfway there. What’s an extra hamburger at the end of the week? Plenty of protein, carbs, and greens are the best way to maximize your energy during the game. And if you’re building mental and physical strength at LSS, you don’t have to worry about a few guilty pleasure snacks here and there. Look better, feel better. 

Look better, feel better. Join Legacy Strength Systems today.



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