If you’ve ever worked out with Pete at Legacy Strength Systems, you know you’re expected to warm up, and warm up properly before starting your training session. In this week’s article, let’s break down the LSS warmup, why it’s important and how to properly execute each part!

Depending on what you’re working out that day, there may be slight variations. Generally, we do the following at LSS before training:

Reflexive Performance Reset Wake Up Drills

RPR is a simple combination of breathing and acupressure that treats imbalances in the muscular and nervous systems. When muscles work together in sequence while fully activated, the body moves correctly. Athletic movements are sequenced chain-reactions. Weak links in the chain and improper sequencing lead to injuries. When the same compensation patterns are reinforced, injuries linger and recur.

RPR is proactive; it helps evaluate an athlete’s current physical state and then implements breathing and acupressure before injuries occur.

Pete teaches each athlete a variety of Wake Up Drills that are specific to the athlete’s sport, training and unique physiological response needs.

Hip Circle® for Lower Body Warm Up

Hip Circles are great for lower body resistance warm-ups.

The Hip Circle® activates the smaller muscle groups in your tough-to-target hips and glutes fixing any imbalances while also activating the major muscles groups.

Some warm-up drills we do with the Hip Circle® on are:

  • walking lunges
  • walking high knees
  • side lunges
  • standing good mornings
  • squats (walking and stationary)

Check out a few warm-up movements from Mark Bell’s company in this video:

Want your own Hip Circle? Check them out on Mark Bell’s website here.

Perform Better Mini Band for Upper Body Warm Up

Perform Better Mini Bands are great for upper body resistance warm-ups.

We use these while performing sideways crawls to warm up the arms, pecks and back.

Start in a push-up position and begin to walk sideways on your hands and balls of your feet.

Iron Neck

The iron neck is a unique piece of training equipment that helps the athlete improve posture, stability, and coordination with resistance training. Iron Neck strengthens your neck and core to meet the demands of your lifestyle.

Ready to get warmed up?

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